Inspired DC Fan Film, BLACK LIGHTING: TOBIAS'S REVENGE: Part Two Goes Live On Tuesday

Next year will soon see the premiere of the CW's latest superhero serial adaptation, Black Lighting. That hasn't hindered actor and award-winning filmmaker Choice Skinner from installing his own seal of approval on the popular DC Comics character and as it stands, lending a spotlight to two major superhero IPs in the same universe.

For this, Skinner's own independently-produced and non-profit fan film project, Black Lightining: Tobias's Revenge, is finally set to air its finale on Tuesday at 9:00am PST/12:00pm Eastern. The news comes following the release of the first part back in April from Darkan Entertainment, LLC., and self-funded with sponsorship by Action VFX, with Skinner directing as well as starring and sharing writing duties with actor James Moten Black.
Ex-Mayor and crime Lord Tobias Whale has returned to Suicide Slums to exact revenge against local famed superhero Black Lightning. Tobias gathers gang members from the local gang 100 and several other super villains to kidnap the mayor of Metropolis and lure Black Lightning into a trap. Just when things for Black Lightning take a turn for the worst, he gets help from unexpected sources who interrupt Tobias’s plans of revenge.
Skinner, who shares acclaim with select crew on the 2011 drama short, Brotherly Love, took home a win for Best Fan Film on Friday, November 10 at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo, joined by Black, and actress Ishida Sachiko who co-stars. The release of the long-awaited finale also competes with the release of Robot Underdog's hotly-anticipated non-profit dual episode offering of Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope from creative duo Donnie McMillin and Rita McMillin.


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