Stallone To Go One More Round At The Helm For CREED Sequel

Warner Bros. Pictures
Just as he did with the second, third, fourth and sixth installments, Sylvester Stallone will direct the next installment of Creed following Ryan Coogler's hit 2015 spin-off of the Rocky franchise. This comes as there's also a possibility that this might even be Stallone's last stint in the iconic role of Rocky that bore the emotive underdog boxing drama from helmer John G. Avildsen's inaugural 1976 classic, Rocky.

Actor Michael B. Jordan will reprise the title character continuing the story of Adonis Creed, the son of the co-starring role of Apollo Creed memorably played in Stallone's initial three starring/directing credits of the franchise. Coogler's film, following his 2012 pairing with star Jordan on the set of bio-pictoral drama, Fruitvale Station, earned more than $173 million dollars globally and earned a slew of wins and nominations with Stallone winning Best Supporting Actor at multiple film events.
In July, Stallone also confirmed the completion of his script in addition to the return of Ivan Drago, the heavy-hitting antagonist from Rocky IV played with imposing brood and gusto by actor Dolph Lundgren. Creed 2 starts shooting next year.


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