Irie Yu Invites Tragedy And Sibling Upheaval In The New VIGILANTE Trailer

Joker Game adaptation and Confession Of Murder remake helmer Irie Yu is back in the limelight for an original feat this time around. Vigilante is the name and with the story of a bitter reunion between three brothers in the wake of their father's death, has Omori Nao, Suzuki Kosuke and Kiritani Kenta starring.
Set in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Ichiro (Nao Omori) is the oldest of three sons. He disappeared without a trace when he was in high school. Jiro (Kosuke Suzuki) is the second son. He works as a city council member. The youngest son is Saburo (Kenta Kiritani). He works as a manager of call girl service. 
Due to their father's death, oldest son Ichiro comes back. The three brothers meet again forread morethe first time in 30 years.
Distributor Tokyo Theaters will open the film on December 9. Catch the latest trailer below.


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