POPEYED GOLDFISH: Yamaguchi Yoshitaka's Teen Gangster Romp Sees Red In The First Official Teaser

Samurai Cat helmer Yamaguchi Yoshitaka is poised to bring his latest coming-of-age drama, Popeyed Goldfish, to cinemas this winter in Japan and a teaser is now available to show for his efforts. Adachi Shin adapted the screenplay which sees to our tale of our trademark red-haired protaginist, Masaki, whose hardship from childhood transforms him into an unbeatable, thick-skinned thug with aspirations of leading his own motorcycle gang.

You get to see some of that craziness in the teaser below which also has upcoming Ajin: Demi Human co-star, actor Yamada Yuki who plays Masaki's longtime friend, Atsunari. I'm not too knowledgeable of the film's literary roots but that this film's manga base has autobiographical roots (as hinted over at AsianWiki) is certainly interesting, which makes the plot here seem all the more folkloric in a sense. I could be wrong though...

At any rate, those familiar with Sata Masaki's tale are more than welcome to fill in the blanks in the comments section. Other than that, enjoy the teaser!


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