PARADOX Gets A Stimulating New Trailer And Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

Director Wilson Yip's latest narrative S.P.L. induction, Paradox, is inching closer to its release in Asia later this month and throughout the Fall and I'm really moreso concerned when we'll hear on its distribution elsewhere. Everyone and their next of kin is sold on this one as I am and the latest trailer and BTS featurette now online haven't changed that in the least.

As far as the story goes, it's actor Louis Koo front and center as a Hong Kong cop on a desperate search for his missing daughter, coupled with a series of dark twists and events that arise with the disappearance of a tape that shows her kidnapping. How's that for a pickle?

Also starring are Tony Jaa, Gordon Lam, Wu Yue and Chris Collins with action sequences by the legend himself, Sammo Hung, who can be seen in the featurette far below. The new trailer just above it arrived this week as well and the way it's cut shows something of a trend...almost as if someone took a page from the marketing plan behind the last Wolf Warrior 2 trailer and followed the formula - one that plays out in a series of energetic build-ups to a barrage of brutal hits and wrecks for a more explosive affect.

Not complaining here. I like let's get a release date here overseas and I'll be right as rain.


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