MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 Star's Stunt Injury Presets Shut Down Thru October

By now you've probably seen the viral video of actor Tom Cruise injuring himself during a stunt on the Paris set of the sixth Mission Impossible film. Thankfully it hasn't suffered tragedy currently being endured on two other known productions this summer, but it does exemplify the dangers stunt performers, and even bold actors face when pushing the envelope -  something Cruise is known to do.

Well... pushing it this time around has cost him, at least tentatively, sending the production into an eight-week hiatus, and producers into troubleshooting mode, according to sources reported by The Wrap. The injury in question occured when Cruise, wire rigged for a jump from one platform of a building to another, leapt too short and slammed his knees into the adjacent wall, forcing him to catch himself before trying and failing to continue the take in mid-limp.

The goal now as producers weigh their options is to recommence principal photography in October and wrap before Christmas. July 27, 2018 is the set date for Paramount's latest entry into the Mission: Impossible hexology from returning director Christopher McQuarrie.


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