Liam O'Donnell's BEYOND SKYLINE Gets Its First Release Date Stamped For Indonesia This November

It's sure been a long time since we heard anything major on director Liam O'Donnell's new sci-fi thriller, Beyond Skyline. Production wrapped in 2015 and it was a year later in December that footage eventually leaked following an unveiling at an X-Spatial 4D presentation in Hong Kong.

The footage itself is just a tad hard to come by these days though folks who've seen it at least know now what they're in for to a certain extent. That, along with the story that encircles actors Frank Grillo, Johnny Watson and actress Bojana Novakovic among others in a story about a detective on a relentless search for his son amid the world wide alien invasion that ensues as seen in the film's 2010 predecessor, Skyline.

Of course, today's fandom now accomodates the addition of Indonesian action talents like co-star Iko Uwais who plays the leader of an underground resistance whose skirmishes span between enemies both human AND alien as previously hinted in last year's leaked clip. The same goes for the latest photo from O'Donnell's Instagram post just below which now comes with the official announcement of the film's November 1 release in Indonesia with more news to come on its overseas rollout.

Take a look below!


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