John Woo's MANHUNT Hails The 'Return Of The Maestro' In The New International Teaser Trailer

It was back in 2010 when acclaimed Asian action auteur, John Woo, received the Golden Lion for Career Achievement in Venice. It was also right around when he had completed the 2008/09 war epic, Red Cliff, nearly fifteen years following a post-Hong Kong crossover career into Hollywood that saw him directing a litany of titles that continue to pale in comparison to Woo's glory days of heroic bloodshed and bullet ballet crime thrillers like A Better Tomorrow and Hard Boiled.

It's an era that fans have never forgotten. It is also one that stands as the perpetual driving force for Woo's latest return to form, Manhunt, hailing from Media Asia this week in an ambitious remake effort inspired by Sato Junya's 1976 film adaptation of Nishimura Juko's earlier novel, "Hot Pursuit" which has Zhang Hanyu (Operation Mekong) leading the cast opposite Fukuyama Masaharu Fukuyama (Like Father, Like Son), and actresses Ha Ji-Won (The Huntresses) and Stephy Qi (Mission Milano) headlining for its forthcoming Out Of Competition premieres in Venice and Toronto between now and next month.
A contemporary remake of a Japanese classic of the genre, it’s the story of a Chinese man who is framed for murder in Japan; he tries to clear his name as he dodges a manhunt organized by the Japanese police and the attacks of mysterious killers.
Release dates are pending while Media Asia is now installing the first official international trailer into circulation. Check it out below!


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