Fox's NEUROMANCER Taps Tim Miller To Direct The Cyberpunk Novel Adaptation

More than a year after departing efforts to return to the director's chair for Deadpool 2, Tim Miller will instead be boarding Twentieth Century Fox's latest move to sci-fi, Neuromancer. Simon Kinberg is producing the film now hailing as a major project for Miller's notable VFX workshop, Blur Studios, following decades of industry attempts to bring William Gibson's 1984 cyberpunk novel to the big screen.
Case was one of the best console cowboys until he stole from one of his employers, who in turn damaged his nervous system so that he cannot access cyberspace anymore. Broke and destroying himself, Case is contacted by Molly, a heavily modified razorgirl, to work for a shadowy colonel who needs a cyberspace cowboy for a secret mission. The employer fixes Case’s damaged brain, but implants a slow dissolving poison to make sure the cyberspace wiz does his bidding, in attempting to abduct a perverse psychopath who is able to create holograms with the force of his mind.
British director Chris Cunningham was once up to direct the film between 2000 and 2004 before switching hands in the years that followed. Fox is seeking a new writer while Miller packs on Neuromancer along with other projects in his workload, including the ambitious trilogy starter adaptation of Daniel Suarez's 2014 novel, Influx, and a resurrection of Paramount/Skydance's Terminator franchise with filmmaker/creator James Cameron which is expected to take off in Spring of 2018. (Deadline)


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