BLACK SITE: Meet Samantha Schnitzler As Ren Reid In A First Look Photo

Production continues with upcoming action horror sci-fi, Black Site with actress and martial artist Samantha Schnitzler cast as the lead. Filming started in May and the UK actress just started filming her scenes several days ago, including over the weekend wherein the production unveiled a first look at Schnitzler from the set. Take a look:

Tom Paton directs his third outing, hailing from AirPick Pictures and Tom Paton Film and is described as a mix of elements from The Raid and the vision of H.P. Lovecraft.

Schnitzler, who shares stunt credits on Scott Derrickson's Marvel adaptation, Doctor Strange, makes her feature film debut as Ren Reid, a member of an organization known as Artemis which detains and deports rogue members of a species known as Elder Gods. The film sets itself twenty years after the murder of Reid's parents, wherein Artemis finally captures Erebus, the Elder God responsible, only to face a new threat when its worshippers attempt to free their deity from captivity. 

With the facility on lockdown, Ren finds an unlikely ally on her quest with just hours left to avenge her parents.

Starring opposite Schnitzler is actor Kris Johnson who plays Erebus. Currently rounding out the cast are actor Mike Beckingham, Bentley Kalu, Alana Wallace, Luke D'Silva, Henry Douthwaite, Toby Osmund, Angela Dixon, Phoebe Robinson-Galvin, Jessica-Jane Stafford, Andrea Vasiliou and Fredi Nwaka for the film's 2018 release.


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