BEYOND SKYLINE: Frank Grillo And Iko Uwais Battle Aliens In The International Teaser Trailer

The past few years have been a vigorous tug-and-pull over just how long it would be before actor and martial artist Iko Uwais would see a more principal role than in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Landing a more definitive English speaking line in this year's thriller, Headshot, was just another layer on the waiting cake added until more time passed until now, with actor Frank Grillo front and center with the cast that outlines the first of possible prospects to come between two actors who've gotten their start in different markets.

I speak of prospects with a certain action crime saga remake in mind, but in the good name of staying on topic, let's bring things back into focus. For this, we now turn to the long-awaited first official teaser trailer for the new sci-fi thriller, Beyond Skyline from writer/producer/director Liam O'Donnell who served on the first film from directing duo Colin and Greg Strause back in 2010.

Those who haven't seen the first film yet have the good fortune of knowing that it won't be necessary to do so to stay on top of this latest follow up as the story takes off from its own set of events leading up to, and after the alien invasion where Grillo plays a New York detective out to find his son after he's whisked away onto one of the ships. At some point the story sees its way to the province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia where Grillo's character crosses paths with a group of kickass rebel fighters (as teased infamously late last year following its CineAsia unveiling).

The film is also the centerpiece of efforts toward its 4D theatrical presenation under the X-Spatial brand. Details will follow there as the film's rollout nears while the first date now up for grabs will be in Indonesia on November 1, and for this, the trailer, as exclusively unveiled at AICN, delivers on what the past few years have promised in all its body-snatching, alien-battling badass glory; Rest assured, don't blink or you'll miss Yayan Ruhian in action as well.


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