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YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE Gets A New Trailer For Lynne Ramsay's Hit Crime Drama

Director Lynne Ramsay hit a few high notes over the summer with her new thriller, You Were Never Here. Next to a seven-minute standing ovation, the film made noise in May competing for the Palme d'Or at Cannes and ultimately earned best sceeenplay and best actor with Joaquin Phoenix leading the tale inspired by Jonathan Ames's 2013 novella.
A missing teenage girl. A brutal and tormented enforcer on a rescue mission. Corrupt power and vengeance unleash a storm of violence that may lead to his awakening.Amazon Studios acquired U.S. rights to the film several months before the film launched its shoot last year. Its releases remain pending while the film is expected to open later this year in Europe.

Phoenix is joined by Ekaterina Samsonov, Alessandro Nivola, Judith Roberts and John Doman. The official teaser arrived on Thursday in the months following teaser clips. Check it out below!

CHASING THE DRAGON: Donnie Yen And Andy Lau Debut Together In The First Teaser For The Upcoming Crime Thriller

The wait period between now and the next time we see actor Donnie Yen in a full-fledged fighting role shouldn't be too long. In the meantime, fans will soon get to watch as the acclaimed action star exhibits other dimensions to his craft here in a mild departure into more dramatic territory in upcoming crime thriller, Chasing The Dragon, which opens on September 28 in Hong Kong from Mega-Vision Pictures Limited.
Wong shares the mantle with debut director Jason Kwan for the cinematic revival of Ng Sek-Ho (previously portrayed by actor Ray Lui in Poon Man-Kit's seperate 1991 iteration, To Be Number One); Ng was an illegal immigrant who saw the rise of his criminal drug empire from the mid-1960's and onward in British-ruled Hong Kong, ultimately earning the notorious nickname, Crippled Ho, from his skirmishes with other rivals. Celebrated actor Andy Lau reprises the role of corrupt lawman Lee Rock which he played titularly in Lawrence Ah Mon's own film which Wong produce…

OPERATION FINALE: Isaac, Raz, Kingsley To Lead WWII Nazi Capture Tale

At a time no less opportune for a film project to bring the evils of Nazism to light, actors Oscar Isaac and Lior Raz are set to lead upcoming drama, Operation Finale. The news comes just shy of two years since MGM opted for UK screenwriter Matthew Orton's script with the goal of fast tracking its development, now targeting locations in Argentina for the start of production this Fall.

Twilight Saga: New Moon helmer Chris Weitz is set to direct the film, aiming to echo tones similar to that of Ben Affleck's Argo and Steven Spielberg's 2005 thriller, Munich with its premise encircling the story of the team that captured Nazi Adolf Eichmann. Raz and Isaac will star in the respective roles of Mossad director Isser Harel who allows Peter Malkin to lead the Argentina mission to capture Eichmann, the latter to be performed by actor Ben Kingsley.

via THR: Eichmann was considered one of the architects of the Holocaust and oversaw the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews. After Wo…

The U.S. Trailer For Miike Takashi's BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL Arrives, Drenched In Blood, Body Parts And Brutalizing Fun!

Celebrated director Miike Takashi has had a major year in film with several manga adaptations hitting festivals this year - two which saw official theatrical releases to high acclaim and fanfare. One of the two, Blade Of The Immortal, made its way to Japan cinemas back in April before hitting screens at Cannes and then Fantasia thereafter.
Samurai Manji has taken a lot of lives, both innocent and guilty, and now lives life in feudal Japan as a criminal. After being cursed with immortality until he kills enough evil men, Manji meets a young girl who enlists him to be her body-guard. Swearing loyalty, protection and vengeance against the group of sword fighters who slaughtered her family, the unlikely duo set on a remarkable quest to make right against those who did them wrong.It's been a big year for manga adaptations and will continue to be so for fans keeping up. Miike still has a forthcoming re-release of Ichi The Killer in tow with a higher-def presentation that promises to be …

Battle Erupts Within THE FORTRESS In The Newest Trailer

At some point earlier on, an international trailer was unveiled for Hwang Dong-Hyuk's new period war drama, Namhansangseon. Of course it helps now that its new title is The Fortress for said internarional appeal and while a date is still yet to be set, the latest trailer has arrived - Korean subbed, but plenty of excellent footage to delve into with Hwang's fourth movie.

The film is based on author Kim Hoon's 2007 Hakgojae novel publication, set amid the warring 17th century Joseon era. Actor Park Hae-Il leads the cast as a King now under siege by Qing forces and forced into hiding in his moutain fortress where his two retainers, played bg Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Yun-Seok, both butt heads in their philosophies and ideals on how to deal with the Qing soliders; One wants to negotiate while the other wishes to fight head on. An epic deadlock ensues and things get pretty dramatic, and violent.

Check out the latest trailer and see for yourself.

BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99: Get Your Dukes Up For The New Trailer For The S. Craig Zahler Action Thriller

In a partnership so good that it's spawned a second film together, the first pairing of Bone Tomahawk helmer S. Craig Zahler and actor Vince Vaughn is on deck for premieres in Venice and Toronto this season for Brawl In Cell Block 99. The official trailer finally unveiled on Tuesday with more info available at the official website for the upcoming Venice Film Festival which kicks off tomorrow. A former boxer named Bradley loses his job as an auto mechanic, and his troubled marriage is about to expire. At this crossroads in his life, he feels that he has no better option than to work for an old buddy as a drug courier. This vocation improves his situation until the terrible day that he finds himself in a gunfight between a group of police officers and his own ruthless allies. When the smoke clears, Bradley is badly hurt and thrown in prison, where his enemies force him to commit acts of violence that turn the place into a savage battleground. The actor, currently filming Zahler'…

KILLING GUNTHER: Lights, Camera, And Shenanigans In The First Trailer For The Action Comedy

You know, if action star Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't such a consistently fun person to watch on camera, you would think his career hit a fever pitch and that he should just call it quits. His latest turnout with Taram Killam's Killing Gunther serves us ample counterpoint on the matter with an equally fun character and premise to boot.

Bobby Moynihan, Cobie Smulders, Hannah Simone, and Allison Tolman are among those joining the roster here as the film takes you on the journey of a camera crew hired at gunpoint by a ragtag team of assassins to take out the world's most infamous hitman. The film is opening on Ultra VOD on September 22 before releasing in select theaters and on demand on October 20.

Saban Films acquired the rights in July. Check out the trailer.

THE HIDDEN SWORD: Swords And Secrets Clash In The Stylish Trailer For Xu Haofeng's New Martial Arts Epic

Filmmaker and novelist, The Final Master helmer Xu Haofeng's body of work is a catalog of fantastic and comprehensive martial arts cinema. His latest, The Hidden Sword aims to add to the succession with the consistency of the acclaimed helmer's own added touch having worn multiple hats on set for his own previous work.
Legendary kung fu cinema star, actor Chen Kuan Tai (Iron Monkey, Dragon Tiger Gate), reunites with our director for another offering inspired by his own literary work, setting in 1930's China where an elderly sword maker's skillset continues to attract the embattled, war-ridden outside world that once forced him and his family into hiding.
A date is still pending for the film following Screendaily's report in May of its acquisition by Distribution Workshop. Chen is joined by Huang Jue and Geng Le, actressses Summer Xu Qing and Chen Xia, and in reunion with fellow Xu cohort, The Final Master co-star, actor Zhang Aoyue.
The official trailer is now runnin…

THE HIT LIST: August 28, 2017

I'm still in recovery mode and will likely be so for the next several days. I forgot that's what happens when you have as much fun as I did for two nights in a row.

Still, I had stuff ready for this week's Hit List and I couldn't help but finish it in time for you guys. Alas, the hits keep coming this week starting with a new batch of stunt reels featuring Fleur van Eeden, Veasna Keo, Ronin Skai, Meghan Koch, Joseph Roark, Brandon Recor, Deanna Page, Josh Brauer, Max Bojorquez, Emily Tung, Croy Tan, Fernando Huerto, and fight choreography favorite, David "Dax" Bauer. The finale hails from freerunner Aaron Burns with a 16-day montage of shots across five states for some inspirational parkour musings.


There's wasn't much in the way of promotion, initially... At least I thought so until I went online on Monday having spotted the first official trailer for Singaporean action comedy webseries, The Rulebreakers, remembering the poster that debuted …

IRON PROTECTOR: Enter To Win Your Blu-Ray Copy Of Yue Song's Latest Martial Arts Thriller From Well Go USA!

*This contest has expired.

Pre-Order Iron Protector On Blu-ray Today!
While flawed in some aspects, Yue Song's 2013 action drama, The King Of The Streets, if nothing else, was a daring display of the fledgeling actor and director in his element as actor and martial artist. The hype never fell short in the three years that followed as Song's sophmore effort, Super Bodyguard, began its campaign ahead of its festival screenings prior to, and after opening in China.
The film even gained reception in New York City's cult Asian festival scene last year - something I would've liked to have attended but ultimately couldn't. Thankfully the film is getting a proper U.S. rollout promising Asian film fans something to treat themselves with this Fall, now branded with the title, Iron Protector, for its September 5 release on Blu-Ray and Digital HD from Well Go USA. After the death of his clan master, Wu-Lin leaves the village for the City of Stone-cold to protect the daughter of t…

CRIME CITY: Don Lee Is All Smiles And Fists In The First Trailer

Actor Don Lee (a.k.a. Ma Dong-Seok) is an absolute favorite of mine, especially after his performance in Train To Busan with Gong Yoo. He's joined now by documentary filmmaker Kang Yoon-Seong whose narrative debut, Crime City, has arrived in fine, ripped-from-the-headlines crime comedy noir fashion.
The four-year effort from Kang - inspired by a spate of arrests in 2007 - sees Lee and actor Yoon Kye-sang leading the story of a detective who struggles to bring down a crime ring in the Garibong neighborhood in Seoul comprised of Korean immigrants from China. Also starring are Inside Men co-star Jo Jae-yun and The King actor Choi Kwi-hwa for the film's forthcoming release in October.
Check out the first official trailer.

AMBER: Jack Jagodka Takes On London's Best And Badass In The First Official Trailer

The U.K.'s talent pool continues onward in bustling fashion as we approach the 25th installation of the Raindance Film Festival in September. Stuntman and freshman director David Newton aims to join the party accordingly now with his turn at the helm well on its way in the new thriller, Amber.

Jack Jagodka follows up his own career in stunts for the chance of a debut lead role from Newton's script that sees a London ex-hitman forced back into the game in order to save his daughter. Rounding out the cast are Kevin Mangar, Vanessa Coffey and Beau Fowler with Yolanda Lynes, Katrina Durden (Doctor Strange), Jean-Paul Ly (Jailbreak), Marcus Shakesheff (Kamikaze), and with actress Connie Jenkins-Grieg in the title role.

The official trailer is out as of the weekend while tickets are now available for the film's September 27 premiere at the Raindance Film Festival. Take a look!


I'm currently reeling over a two-year gripe about a fan film as I'm writing this (and possibly as you're reading this). However, I still have other things to do and as I continue to recover from my short-term rest from the night before, I wanted to share my latest experience this month with another individual I've come to love and respect over my years as a martial arts film fan and supporter of independent film and stunts.
This gratitude comes in the wake of having met another member of legendary stunt group, Zero Gravity, by the name of Tony Chu. He currently resides in San Francisco with his wife and newborn daughter and while having experience and often collaborating from time to time with other stunt performers to film things, he's a photographer by trade, and you can learn more about his work via his official website, where he's continued to build his portfolio and expand his craft in the last several years.

Point in fact, he was a…

Review: Adam Wingard's DEATH NOTE Breathes Life Into To A Bittersweet Conversation On American Adaptations

Admittedly, I've avoided promoting Adam Wingard's latest manga adaptation, Death Note, largely due to my own distate on the count that in small, but no discountable terms, the film was made on behalf of a falsehood. The notion made public several months ago by co-star and producer, Oka Masi, that the production couldn't find Asian actors who spoke good English hasn't sat well with me for months leading up to the film's release, which made it all the more bittersweet watching it.
The director of You're Next brings something slightly derivative, albeit stimulating to this newest cinematic treatment of the hit manga by creators Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi, telling of a mysterious book that falls into the hands of a brilliant high school kid named Light Turner, giving him conditional powers to kill people with the stroke of a pen. Balancing between his consultation with the notebook's donor - an otherworldly ghoul named Ryuk, his new relationship with girlf…

STREGA: Garage Hero's Indie Toku Action Sequel Needs Your Help!

Japanese Tokusatsu maverick, Bueno, has been loyal to his Garage Hero brand since launching it in 2011, and has shown his committment to bringing indie acclaim with his edgy feature debut, Gun Caliber. Fans in the U.S. and elsewhere can find the film now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and even VHS from SRS Cinema, while it has more than a year since lending lip-service to the massea with an announcement teaser for the proposed sequel, Strega.
That sequel is now in production and aiming to no less keep the bold, brash, hyperviolent and gonzo tone of its predecessor with no apologies made. What's more? Fans now have a chance to throw their hats - and wallets - in the arena by contributing to their newly launched Indiegogo to help feed the cast and crew, as well as furbish the production accordingly, and for a project that stands to gain fruitfully with backing from some of the best of the best in Tokusatsu, like "Mr. Kamen Rider himself - actor Takaiwa Seji, action coordinator Tan…

These AJIN: DEMI-HUMAN Promos Promise Tons Of IMAX Fun And Thrills

Moviegoers in the far east are just over a month away from the release of Bayside Shakedown franchise helmer Motohiro Katsuyuki's manga/anime adaptation, Ajin: Demi-Human. Nothing short of exciting is the fact that the film will be presented in IMAX as well as in MX 4D theaters with immersive seat construction and audio for a more intense experience.

Making the case for such screenings are two of the film's stars, actors Satoh Takeru and Ayano Gou as seen among those in the following playlist featuring some really strong, action-packed nuggets from the movie - about a med intern whose accidental death brings him face to face with immortality by way of a supernatural creature, and a terrorist imbued with the same abilities. Here's to hoping the film makes haste with a stateside release prompting the same theatrical treatment, because this looks too fantastic to miss out on.

GUNTOWN: Transformers Producer Debuts Graphic Novel With TV, Film Development And More

Transformers franchise producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is reportedly dipping into graphic novels these days, and one with a bold aim toward a prolific hot-button issue in a dystopian setting. Cover art revealed for his current venture, Guntown, is now making the rounds and with Di Bonaventura looking toward developing the IP for multiple mediums, including television, film, video games and digital.
Bob Quinn and Andy Shapiro wrote the book in what will kick off a spate of novels, the first in which we meet Jimmy and Wade - two longtime best friends whose bond with each other is put to the ultimate test amid lurking secrets, hidden enemies, and a looming battle in a version of America that has outlawed guns and their unyielding owners. Di Bonaventura is partnering with the authors along with Cam Eldred and Brian Moreno to build the fictional, politically-themed universe. Guntown is set in a not-too-distant future where the federal government passes the Gun Violence in America Act in res…

FINAL LIFE: Amazon Prime Japan Announces New Series Drama Thriller Airing Weekly In September

Amazon Japan continues its winning streak of regional programming this Fall with the new series drama, Final Life: Even if You Disappear Tomorrow. The official trailer just debuted on Thursday.
per Variety:
“Prime members will become hooked on this thrilling yet poignant drama series with an unusual pair of leads from completely different backgrounds,” said Amazon Prime Video’s Asia Pacific content head James Farrell.
Japanese actor Matsuda Shota of Dias Police fame and K-pop boy band SHINee member, Taemin, lead the cast for a story telling of a tough detective working with a secret special unit, and an affluent Korean med student in the U.S. who pairs up with him to solve cases after befalling a botched experiment that renders him an amnesiac. All 12 episodes will premiere weekly on Amazon in Japan beginning September 8.
Check out the trailer!

FIVE FINGERS OF MARSEILLES Scores A First Trailer For The South African Western Thriller

South African premiere Western thrills are abound for folks keen on attending this year's 41st Toronto International Film Festival. Hailing from Be Phat Motel Film Company and Game 7, Michael Matthews is emerging this year for his directorial feature debut  Five Fingers Of Marseilles following a decade-long effort and now has an official trailer to show for its efforts from a script by Sean Drummond who produced the film with Matthews, and with Asger Hussain and Yaron Schwartzman. Twenty years ago, the young ‘Five Fingers’ fought for the rural town of Marseilles, against brutal police oppression. Now, after fleeing in disgrace, Tau returns, seeking peace. Finding the town under new threat, he must reluctantly fight to free it. Will the Five Fingers stand again?‘Five Fingers for Marseilles’ fuses western influences, from classic to spaghetti and revisionist eras, into a contemporary South African drama played in local tongue by four generations of acclaimed South African stars. The…

Warner Bros. Doubles Down On DCEU With JOKER And HARLEY QUINN Movie

It hadn't hardly been a week following the latest announcement of a Joker origin film now in the works at Warner Bros. with Todd Phillips directing. Nevertheless, that's not stopping the studio from moving in on the popular DC Comics property with another addition to the DCEU that brings Suicide Squad's Jared Leto and Margot Robbie back together on the big screen.

Focus and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot helmers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa are tapped to direct the film which THR reports with a mix of inside sources describing it both "a criminal love story" and "an insane and twisted love story. When Harry Met Sally on benzedrine.". Leto is in final negotiations with the studio as is Robbie who herself has been attached as the studio's favorite fan pick following her portrayal of the iconic villainess whose romantic comic book history with Batman's longstanding archnemesis dates back to the early 1990s.

The news also comes amid a flurry of other DC-rela…

Won Shin-Yeon's MEMOIR OF A MURDERER Lands A U.S. Release Announcement From Well Go USA

The Suspect helmer Won Shin-Yeon is back and laying it on the line once more with his latest, Memoir Of A Murderer. The movie opens in Korea this September and headlines with an intense tale of a former serial killer suffering from Alzheimer's Disease who finds himself pitted against another serial killer who happens to be dating his daughter.
Crazy shit, eh? Well, crazy is compelling is intriguing is fascinating is good for Well Go USA's bottom line when it comes to appealing to the sensibilities of Asian cinema fans. They've announced themselves a U.S. trailer up front with all the trimmings, featuring Silmido and The Merciless star Sol Kyung-Gu opposite fellow Public Enemy Returns cohort, actor Kim Nam-Gil, and Gangnam Blues actress Seol Hyun.
Take a look and keep your eyes open for an official release date!

WIRO SABLENG 212 Sees Cast Additions And First BTS Look

As we speak, filming is already underway for Angga D. Sasongko's latest directorial outing, Wiro Sableng 212 following its announcement back in February. Actor Vino G. Bastian is starring in the title role inspired by the 185-part series of martial arts novels from Bastian's father, author Bastian Tito, which also spawned a television series.
Plot details are scant while it is known that the story is set in 16th century Indonesia, centered on the numerically-marked, multi-gifted ax-wielding hero of legend, Wiro Sableng, who accumulates a number of striking abilities in his adventures. Official casting updates were made last week addition to actresses Sherina Munaf and Marsha Timothy, and Yayan Ruhian (The Raid, The Raid 2, Beyond Skyline) choreographing the cinematic fight fare with Jackie Chan stunt team vet Chan Man Ching, serving as action director.
The film marks the first Indonesian endeavor for Fox International Pictures in its partnership with Lifelike Pictures, both w…

Todd Phillips Will Direct A JOKER Movie For Warner Bros; Martin Scorsese Producing

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed the overall span of The Hangover Trilogy from War Dogs director Todd Phillips. He's got a great handle on comedy but I'm a little more fascinated by what he might be able to bring to a more grounded, dark and cerebral narrative...
At least that's what's being offered with news that a deal is set for Phillips to direct a new Joker movie that will be a lauchpad for a fledgeling, to-be-named WB/DC banner in which it can create projects and expand on DC characters. Phillips is joined by 8 Mile, Stronger and The Fighter scribe Scott Silver in penning the script, and will produce the film with Martin Scorsese.
An intriguing part is the setting. The intention is to make a gritty and grounded hard-boiled crime film set in early-’80s Gotham City that isn’t meant to feel like a DC movie as much as one of Scorsese’s films from that era, like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull or The King Of Comedy. Details remain as things start to brew but the rep…

BEYOND SKYLINE: One Girl Is The Key To It All In The Latest Trailer

If last week's trailer reveal for Liam O'Donnell's new sci-fi, Beyond Skyline wasn't enough, a second trailer has arrived for your viewing pleasure ahead of its upcoming releases. This one delves more into the story and crux of the character played by Frank Grillo who lands in Indonesia at somepoint amid the invasion.
Among our characters, we meet the role played by actress Bojana Novakovic, as well as the image of a young girl who turns out to be the subject of the dialogue as some kind of "key". This, next to the story of a cop trying to rescue his son from an alien ship just adds more stakes to take in...and from O'Donnell's own script at that.
Topping it all off course is some tasty action shots featuring Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, adding further excitment to the film's push. It comes out in November in Indonesia with other dates in tow.
Watch the trailer now!

Common's BLACK SAMURAI Series Lands At STARZ

It was last June that actor Common (John Wick: Chapter Two, AMC's Hell On Wheels) and producer/filmmaker RZA were pairing up with Wu Films to advance their own take on Marc Olden's 1974 novel, Black Samurai. As such, with enough time and effort comes per the succession of milestones, now with word that the show has officially landed at Starz according to trade news broken on Tuesday.

RZA and Jerry Bruckheimer will executive produce the series which succeeds Al Adamson's 1977 Jim Kelly-headlining adaptation of Olden's book. The series will see Common in the role of Robert Sand, a former soldier belaguered by racism, and raised and trained in the samurai arts for seven years by the master who rescued him, only to walk the path of vengeance and self-discovery when he learns of his master's death and that of his beloved samurai brothers.

THR reports the tone of the drama will be treated with a mash-up of martial arts and spy tropes infused with the heart, soul and mus…

TAM CAM: THE UNTOLD STORY: Veronica Ngo's Freshman Fantasy Adaptation Scores A U.S. Trailer

You can expect to catch her briefly in this December's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In the meantime, The Rebel and Clash actress Veronica Ngo's latest directorial debut is making the rounds ahead of a limited theatrical U.S. release this September for fantasy drama adventure, Tam Cam: The Untold Story. Adapted from a Vietnamese fairy tale, Tam Cam: The Untold Story is similar in narrative structure to Cinderella: kind and beautiful Tam is ill-treated by her stepmother and stepsister, but a fairy guardian watches over her. A demon pretending to be a faithful servant to the king waits for an opportunity to become human. The intrepid prince is asked to marry politically but he declares that he is going to marry the woman whose feet fit the silk shoes, hoping it’s Tam, whom he met by chance. The official trailer is live as of July and a date is still pending from Cleopatra Entertainment who acquired the rights. Check it out below!

THE HIT LIST: August 21, 2017

Image was your weekend? I spent mine reviewing a few titles - one which apparently led people to think I was picking a fight with a martial arts expert who lives thousands of miles away from me, which is...STILL hilarious. 

Anyway, I also got to look at some great shortfilm items in the past week and I've gladly collated them for this week's installment of the Hit List, kicking off with another round of awesome stunt reels and other cool film bits from around the web. Stuntwoman Ellette Craddock gets a spotlight twice over this week, beginning with her new stunt reel, followed by reels from Brady Jo Merriman, Josh Schmitt, Michael Hartwick and Beni Alexander with action actor and filmmaker Jarrod Crooks, stunt players Tom Caserto, Girvan Bramble and Anton Guryanov, and 3Run Ambassador, stuntman and traceur Bogdan Pascal trekking the terrain in Bilbao, Spain.

Promotional bits are few this week, but ample enough to serve your needs and first up is a trailer from Gunsavior Pic…

Screen Gems Moves Forward With Police Bodycam Fugitive Thriller, EXPOSURE

It's an all too-familiar setting often times when reading or watching local headline news regarding crime and police bodycams. From a creative standpoint, it's also understable that it be seen as ample source material for other media and storytelling and so the folks at Screen Gems are moving in on something in that territory as of this week.
It arrives now in the form of action spec script, Exposure, from screenwriter Peter A. Dowling with word that Sean Sorensen (Mayhem), who brought the package tobScreen Gems's SVP Production, Eric Paquette, is set to produce the film with Paquette himself overseeing. It'll take some time before we see more movement on this as history has often proven when it comes to certain spec scripts, but with a premise like this, I can already feel the promise it bodes, reading rightly as a fugitive cop action thriller with a Black female lead.
A rookie African-American female cop in Detroit rounds the corner just as corrupt officers are murd…


I won't lie. I watched the pilot episode of Well Go USA's latest release, Legend Of Bruce Lee, and it's been weeks since I cared enough to look at the second episode and thereafter. The show runs enduringly high on drama and the dubbing is equally exasperating, but that doesn't cancel out the fact that this show has an audience since its heyday in 2008. And Danny Chan? Well... he sells it, I suppose.
Beyond that, if you've been watching the series and are keen on Well Go USA's forthcoming third volume of the show, you're more than welcome to set the date for October 3, 2017. I may just continue onward with it myself but I'm eager to hear your thoughts on the show myself, especially considering we're just days away from the BH Tilt/WWE Studios release of Birth Of The Dragon.
It's a high time to be a Bruce Lee fan, I suppose. PLANO, TEXAS. (August 21, 2017) – Danny Chan (Ip Man 3, Kung Fu Hustle) returns in the final 10 episodes chronicling the life …

Pedro Pascal Is Up To Join THE EQUALIZER 2

It's funny. I haven't had a lot of incentive to get into such a variety of streaming TV programs what with all the amime I'm already taking in. However, being already familiar with the work of actor Pedro Pascal and reading of his latest attachment to The Equalizer 2 for Sony Pictures and Escape Artists, I'm actually inclined now to check out Netflix's Wagner Moura-led crime series, Narcos when I get around to it.
But...yeah. Pascal is in talks now for a starring role opposite returning actor Denzel Washington whose 2014 presentation under helmer Antoine Fuqua not only generated box office promise, but garnered the celebrated actor his first-ever sequel. Due on September 14, 2018, Fuqua, as reported last September, is returning to direct the sequel further adapting its classic television show predecessor of the same name, centered on a former black ops agent who sets out to make the wrong things right in vigilante fashion.
The film will be the next for Fuqua after…

Netflix's THE PUNISHER Series Teaser Teases Sledgehammers, Skulls And Omens Of Violence

I actually thought last week's debut teaser for upcoming Marvel series, The Punisher, was as fake as most other fan-made trailers and only because of the grainy and low quality in which it was leaked by YouTubers. I then tuned into The Defenders series which pretty much confirmed it was legit, save for all the jocular John Wick comparisons, sledgehammers and such.
Regardless, it's a series made all the more worthwhile for those keen on actor Jon Bernthal who made the character as fascinating as he did in the second season of Daredevil opposite Charlie Cox. Executive producer Steve Lightfoot is shepherding the series adapting the famed comic book anti-hero who notoriously hunts down criminals in the wake of his family's murder.
A date still hasn't been set but the teaser does the trick in doing exactly that - Teasing and leaving you wanting more. Peep it.

Review: BUSHWICK Catches You Between The Mood, New York City, And Civil War

Fast forward three years later and having proven themselves in the public arena with the 2014 horror favorite, Cooties, directing duo Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott are back with their latest conceptual head-turner. It is one that stems from darker auspices eeriely forecast through a nightmarish lens unto today's American politics for something of pure fantasy and, ultimately, a show of strength in character-driven storytelling that is sure to leave an impression.
For better or worse, Bushwick, in part, accomplishes this in the course of its kinetic, steadily and often fast-moving pace from a script by Nick Damici and Graham Reznick. Actress Brittany Snow takes the lead with actor Dave Bautista as the two shepherd the narrative in the respective roles of Lucy and Stupe, oddly and reluctantly paired as they fight to survive deadly skirmishes with an invading Texas militia canvassing the neighborhood with deadly force as part of a multiterritorial effort toward seceding from the …