V.I.P.: Peep The New Trailer And Poster For The South Korean Noir Thriller

The Tiger helmer Park Hoon-Jung's new film is one for whose plot details get more and more interesting each time you look at it. Looking at V.I.P. which opens this August, we have an official trailer this week that samples a little more of what's in store telling of an Interpol agent and two lawmen on opposite sides of the DMZ on a mission to catch a suspected serial killer.
Inspector Chae Edo is appointed to investigate a brutal serial murder case and immediately identifies a rich North Korean defector named Kim Gwang-il as the prime suspect. But Edo’s hands are tied when he finds out that his own government is protecting the suspect. Backed by the CIA, National Intelligence

Services agent Jae-hyuk is assigned to interfere with police investigation of Gwang-il. Despite having indisputable evidence against him, Edo is forced to release the suspect and is suspended for doing his job. Yet, North Korean officer Lee Dae-bum appears before him and proposes a joint investigation to capture the serial killer by any means necessary…
Jang Dong-Gun, Kim Myung-Min and Lee Jong-Suk lead the cast and with a script by Park. The official trailer also comes with a new poster, both of which you can view just below.


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