[UPDATED] OUTRAGE: FINAL CHAPTER: Kitano Pops Off In The New Official Trailer For The Yakuza Crime Epic

Acclaimed auteur "Beat" Kitano Takeshi still has a bone to pick with what's left of his past and he's gonna need a lot of help and twice as many bullets. Outrage: Final Chapter is in store for an October 7 release in Japan following the events played out in the first two installments since 2010, ensuing in an opus of blood, bullets, courruption, greed and total retribution!
The formerly prominent though now decimated Sanno-kai yakuza crime organization is being absorbed into the Hanabishi-kai under their Grand Yakuza leader, who has virtually unified the entire underground of all of Japan into a massive, single and centralized organization. Among the few survivors of the gang war is Otomo who was a former lieutenant of the Sanno-kai and who had allied himself temporarily with the Hanabishi-kai in order to set the records straight concerning what he felt was his unjust imprisonment while still with the Sanno-kai. The police now believe that the unification plan of the new Hanabishi-kai is far too extensive to be ignored and begin to organize a massive nationwide crackdown on the Hanabishi-kai before the full unification makes too much progress across all of Japan. Otomo, making use of his ties with powerful Korean crime connections, decides that there are enough remnants of his old clan that he can make his own stand in the final chapter of his seeking to correct his unjust imprisonment inflicted upon him by his former yakuza brothers.
I use that exclamation mark proudly, by the way. And do watch the first two as they're both very solid gangster thrillers with an actor and director that will have you rooting for the badguy, and because what better way to ring in a third than with an umbrella fashioned onto a machine gun in a room full of chumps?

Rounding out the principle cast for what will be the third of Kitano's first-ever completed trilogy are Taki Pierre, Nishida Toshiyuki, Matsushige Yutaka and Mitsuishi Ken. Watch the brand new trailer below, OR as updated, an English-subbed trailer just beneath as exclusively revealed over at Screendaily on Thursday.

Original Japanese Trailer

TRAILER w English Subtitles


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