TRIPLE THREAT Has Your Favorite Action Stars Beating The Hell Out Of Each Other In The Official Trailer

I could go on and on until I'm blue in the face about how excited I am for the new action thriller, Triple Threat. I won't, but I will throw my hat in with some words for seasoned stuntman and filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson who, in the wake of a stagnant directing career salvaged by the appeal drawn from his latest release, Savage Dog, has risen above expectations in opportune fashion.

It truly is something to be proud of... a succession accompanied, no less, by a line-up of some serious, prominent action starpower; Names like Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and Tiger Chen as well as Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping and Jeeja Yanin are all but what one would dream of seeing in a single movie together on the big screen, which, at least until starting late last year, almost felt like an impossibility.

Then again, there were people who thought that Jaa would never appear in a movie with Donnie Yen dating back twelve years ago as the Thai action star took the mantle with groundbreaking performances in Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong. That all changed with xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage back in January, and that film's addition of Bisping to the roster, leaving one to wonder even further of the possibilities from here on.

I believe they're there. I want to believe they're there. It makes sense, too, as news of a developing sequel takes shape in the months ahead in a way that would hopefully allow fans the stylized 'Asian Expendables' type of film they're rooting for since this vehicle's previous life as "Makeshift Squad". So, yes. Regarding the hopeful addition of Yen by then, I think, would be amply fitting if it can be helped amid the developmental phase of things.

For now though, the jury remains out and deliberating and we still have a movie to now on deck for a late 2017 an early 2018 release following Well Go USA's acquisition of the film as reported on Wednesday prior to the unveiling of a brief, albeit exhilarating Comic-Con teaser.
A hit contract is taken out on a billionaire's daughter intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate. A down and out team of mercenaries must take on a group of professional assassins and stop them before they kill their target.
With actress Celina Jade and actor Michael Wong also starring, that teaser now has a full-on trailer out of Comic Con and it's one of the best things you'll see all week. Watch it below and remember Johnson's name after this.


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