The New Trailer For WOLF WARRIOR 2 Is All About The Click-Click-Boom!

Lest we lose track of the trailer profusion for Wu Jing's forthcoming sequel thriller, Wolf Warrior 2, a fourth has now made its way online ahead of its July 28 release. It's a three-week wait until the film's open in China so one might expect to see a lot more from the from's current campaign and with some hopeful tidbits on its release.

Wu makes his return following the 2015 blockbuster as a maverick sniper who takes his next fight to a wartorn African country pitting him against actor Frank Grillo. You get a few glimpses of that action along with a heavy-handed dose of unrelenting villainy from Grillo and co-star, action actor Aaron Toney, as well as loads of slickness and coolness between the editing, shots, money shots and perpetual gun cocking all to let you know that this is going to be one cool action movie for your summer.

Take a look below!


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