THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD! DEATH WARRIOR! WILD BLOOD!: Fantasia Fest Celebrates The Legacy Of Action Star Cünyet Arkin This Month!

Surf the web long enough and you're bound to come across your share of bizzare content. Moreover if you're no stranger to action cinema at large, it's possible you've discovered the viral phenomenon of Turkish action star Cüneyt Arkin by now, best known for laying waste to two shirtless dudes before sending them into a pool with a gush of breath.

Cheesy AF? Yes. Shameless fun to look at? Absolutely. And in timely fashion, Fantasia Festival is here to invest in the legacy of the legendary film star in ceremonial fashion with three films among the actor's 300-title resume.
Fantasia Fest 2017 is very excited to pay tribute to legendary Turkish action star Cüneyt Arkin with screenings of three of his most famous films, THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORD (aka TURKISH STAR WARS), DEATH WARRIOR and WILD BLOOD!  Select screenings will be hosted by Kaan Cureklibatur, biographer and son of Cüneyt Arkin, who will provide insight about this screen legend and the amazing history of Turkish genre cinema.  If you love weird, wild, INSANE cinema, you can't miss our Cüneyt Arkin tribute at Fantasia 2017!
Ninja, criminals, zombies, monsters, sexy femme fatales and killers alike are all that stand in Arkin's way.

All three films have been dated and slotted as part of the Turkish Spotlight and you can learn more about them at the official Fantasia website.


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