THE FINAL MASTER: Win A Copy Of Well Go USA's Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack Release

UPDATE: This contest has expired.

Perhaps one of the best martial arts moviegoing experiences ever brought overseas has to be Xu Haofeng's newest home release, The Final Master. An adaptation of one of his written anthological works, the film shimmers with action and drama with pure wit and charm from its main cast led by actor Liao Fan and acclaimed choreography by Haofeng himself.

Its central highlight of Wing Chun (for a release as timely as this one as it came out in theaters just months after Well Go USA released Ip Man 3) is certainly one that I had never seen before in any particular film of this genre centered on its style and it's hosted with such intensity and focus - Being my first foray into Haofeng's work, I get him. I understand him. I'm proud to say how much I love this movie and I couldn't be more happy to announce this latest Blu-Ray giveaway of The Final Master to readers.
In 1930s China, unrest rules the nation.  Chen, the last Wing Chun master, arrives in Tianjin to expand his kung fu – but his ambition gets him entangled in a power struggle between Tianjin’s martial arts Grandmaster, a dominant underworld Madam, and the town’s military leaders. Can he protect his family from the dangers of the martial arts world, or will it consume everything he loves?
Pre-orders for The Final Master are currently available. In the meantime, Film Combat Syndicate has five Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs to give to readers before the official street release date on July 25.

All you need to do is e-mail us your name and address at with THE FINAL MASTER in the subject header as your entry before the contest expires on July 24. This contest extends only to readers in the United States and we apologize for the inconvenience to our international readers.

Good luck!

THE FINAL MASTER - Art and Stills


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