THE DEFENDERS Hails A Coming War In The New Comic-Con Trailer

I was at a birthday party on Friday night. Not exactly the comic con scene but the evening well worth it, and I'm not too hung over to talk briefly about the latest trailer debut for Marvel's The Defenders which premieres on August 18.

Eight episodes and counting await us as actress Krysten Ritter, and actors Charlie Cox, Mike Colter and Finn Jones all reprise their roles next to actor Scott Glenn and actress Elodie Yung, and the addition of Sigoruney Weaver as she peers over the New York City skyline so as to affirm her villainous grip. Rosario Dawson and Simone Missick are also reprising.
“Marvel’s The Defenders” follows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal - to save New York City. This is the story of four solitary figures, burdened with their own personal challenges, who realize they just might be stronger when teamed together.
It helps a little bit that this looks far better than what we were last offered with showrunner Scott Buck's Jones headliner, Iron Fist, which may as well warrant improvements in the second season - also announced on Friday with co-star Jessica Henwick returning. I'm optimistic about both shows and I eagerly await what will happens for the respective new seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, and not to mention Jon Bernthal's contribution to the masses as the best actor as of late to play none other than Punisher. That footage needs to be aired REAL soon after that Stan Lee promo tease the other day.

I look forward to these. The comic-con trailer for The Defenders is below if you're not one of the millions already watching it in a loop all day and night. Enjoy!


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