THE DARK TOWER: Carnage Looms In The International Trailer For The Stephen King Adaptation

Apart from the hardcore fanbase, I'm likely as knowledgeable as the next person when it comes to Stephen King's The Dark Tower book series. That said, all I know is that Nikolaj Arcel's forthcoming adaptation looks like a positively rich and sterling treatment and I've nary heard a bad word from netizens on the matter.

It has Idris Elba starring opposite Matthew McConaughey in the story of a legendary gunslinger who, with the help of a young boy, sets out to defeat the evil "Man In Black" and prevent him from toppling the only barrier that wards off dark forces from consuming Earth. The trailers, in my opinion, are pretty much selling this movie in my opinion but I sincerely hope this lands the success it so deserves, especially with the hype training speeding off on talk of sequels and spin-off plans.

The international trailer arrived this week. View it below and share it with people who know good cinema when they see it.


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