SPAWN Is A Go At Blumhouse With Todd McFarlane Directing

When comic book auteur Todd McFarlane isn't blowing minds on Facebook with live sketch tutorials, he's tending to ever-patient fans who've been watching and waiting for the next big update on a hopeful Spawn film. That fact stands more past-tense these last few hours or so as McFarlane has been stirring the pot in San Diego amid the comic-con fanfare where he just made a suprise announcement, ultimately blowing minds as usual:

In further detail as advanced by The Wrap and for those unable to watch the video, McFarlane will write and direct the film with Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions, the studio behind The Purge films and Get Out producing.
"Having worked with many visionary directors, I think Todd’s unique artistic talents will only add to his role as director of this film," Blum said in statement.
Spawn first published from Image Comics in 1992 centered on Al Simmons, a U.S. Marine whose war crimes have him sent to hell upon being killed in the line of duty. He is ultimately resurrected with new armor and special abilities after making a deal with the devil, Malebogia.

Much is ado about who McFarlane will cast for the title role and then some as the film will not be a sequel, but a completely new venture. McFarlane's Spawn will mark his debut at the helm in the first active live-action effort for the dark hero since Michael Jai White led the Mark A.Z. Dippe-directed iteration in 1997, ultimately debuting as Hollywood's first black actor cast as a superhero before Wesley Snipes's Blade emerged a year later.


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