PEACE BREAKER: Aaron Kwok's Day Only Gets Harder In The Newest Trailer

Sweet Alibi helmer Lien Yi-Chi's latest, Peace Breaker, is officially stamped for an August 18 release in China and a new official trailer is making the rounds. Those keen on Asian cinema will find themselves in familiar territory, with this particular story - taking cues from its hit 2014 South Korean predecessor, A Hard Day, in which a morally bent detective, in the wake of a family member's death, tries to cover up an accidental crime only to find himself in deeper and deadlier straits.

That story now has actor Aaron Kwok leading opposite Brotherhood Of Blades co-star Wang Qianyuan who plays the mysterious figure holding our anti-hero hostage for his own means. It's all connected in the narrative, rife with mystery and suspense and a good, fair deal of explosive thrills and excitement, and you're more than welcome to feast your eyes on it all below!

PEACE BREAKER - Stills And Posters


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