PARADOX Breaks Out The Big Kicks And Meat Cleavers In The New Trailer

Rest assured, the martial arts fan demographic is still reeling over catching Tony Jaa aligned with some of the best of the best in Jesse Johnson's upcoming thriller, Triple Threat. That film comes in 2018 and its going to be a sight to see when it arrives while this year has already proven itself fruitful in its promise for the genre with films like the new action crime pic, Paradox, opening next month in theaters and now has a new trailer to show for it.

The film marks Wilson Yip's return to the helm for the project, also branded as an addition to the non-linear Sha Po Lang saga of crime titles with Jaa joining actors Louis Koo and Wu Yue for the story of a Hong Kong cop whose tumultuous search for his missing daughter exposes a bigger conspiracy when footage of her kidnapping is uploaded to the police mainframe and subsequently deleted. Soi Cheang and Paco Wong produced the film which also stars Chris Collins, Ken Lo and actresses Hanna Chan and Jacky Cai with action sequences by none other than Sammo Hung.

Check out the trailer!

PARADOX: Character Posters


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