Hey U.S.! Canada! U.K.! Here's Where You Can Catch Derek Kwok's WU KONG!

Folks attending Fantasia Festival this month can expect to catch Derek Kwok's latest Eddie Pang headliner, Wu Kong, next week. In the meantime, moviegoers looking to catch the film sooner can look toward releases slated for the U.S. and Canada, and select locations in the U.K..
Three powers collide. Long ago, Sun Wukong, was born in Huaguo Mountain with a heart of stone. Ji Hua, a powerful general from the heaven planned to terminate him. However Wukong was rescued by Bodhi and became his pupil. Jian Yang, is a being who was given an opportunity to become a strong god, but for this he needs to kill Zixia, the daughter of the Heaven Emperor's rival, who he is in love with. Tianpeng, Ji Hua's bodyguard, was given the secret order to investigate Wukong. All three of them entered the Heaven school together, and their lives are about to change.
Cine Asia has since aired its own trailer for the film's limited U.K. release on July 14 with tickets now available for select locations at MyVue and Odeon locations through their respective websites here and here.

For North America, CMC Pictures has confirmed its tandem release of the new Hezai Jin novel adaptation of the folkloric Chinese legendary hero in the U.S. and Canada this Friday. Listed beneath are the exact theaters and locations confirmed in the U.S. and Canada courtesy of CMC.


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