GINTAMA: THE MITSUBA ARC: This Brother/Sister Reunion Is Absolutely Lit!

With Fukuda Yuichi's live-action adaptation, Gintama in theaters in Japan and gearing up for a release in Singapore as well as a North American debut at Fantasia, its dTV counterpart also began streaming with web drama spin-off, Gintama: The Mitsuba Arc. The exclusive streaming platform released well-over eight minutes of footage which you can sample from below featuring Yoshizawa Ryo and actress Kitano Kie, and title actor Oguri Shun featured.

Killer dreams, spicy foods, bazookas and forced levity ensue, as well as high drama and action for the remainder of the program now available solely in Japan. Well Go USA is hosting the feature film adaptation at Fantasia later this month following its Japan release this weekend from Warner Bros. Japan and news and details await on that end. Stay tuned!

(Feel free to skip to the 5:21 mark).


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