FLUX ACTION: Help Bobby Nickels Craft His Latest Action Shortfilm Medley

In the last few months in Los Angeles, filmmaker and stuntman Bobby Nickels has been producing his own short film titled "Flux Action." This 15 minute short film runs the gamut of genres - 15 of them - and showcasing his ability to produce a film from start to finish.

Looking to raise $5,000 for the rest of the production costs on Kickstarter, Bobby calls this an "ambitious high-intensity, high-impact adventure." Alex Coulter directs, Laffrey Witbrod is the Director of Photography, and Co-Producers are Patricia Borba and Erin Lee. Co-Director is Danielle Dupree and camera work by Heather Ballish.

Bobby is still trying to fill roles for another Editor, Special FX, and war re-enactors. Check out his campaign here for more information.


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