ENJOYING THE RIDE: An Interview With 'Baby Driver' Co-Star R Marcos Taylor

Photo: Wes Klain
It was back in 2014 when I first caught actor and stuntman R Marcos Taylor in Tony Clomax's action short, Broken Angels. Needless to say, Taylor's credits in film and TV date back further in a series of achievements that have seen him ascend more politically as an actor having debuted to award-winning status with the independent martial arts comedy, Paying Mr. McGetty, as well as co-starring roles in F. Gary Gray's Straight Outta Compton and this summer's release, Baby Driver.

The latter, from Cornetto Trilogy helmer Edgar Wright has earned a total of $121 million dollars at the box office which surely makes for a neat addition to Taylor's growing resumé. I managed to send some questions to Taylor who took some time to briefly answer some questions in the course of his busy schedule and rest assured, this won't be the last we hear from Taylor; As it just so happens, he himself is a formidable martial artist which nothing short of emboldens one's caliber as an action actor and given the right script and director, one can see his skillset amply packaged in a film that brings out his best from all angles.

Film Combat Syndicate: Greetings R and thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. How has the past year been for you thusfar?
R Marcos Taylor: The past year has been overwhelming. In a positive way.
FCSyndicate: I just wanna go over some basic get-to-know-you bits for readers who may be new to you. Tell us about yourself.
RMT: I started out as a martial arts competitor, and worked as a pro fighter, personal trainer, and bodyguard before becoming a stuntman, and actor.
FCSyndicate: You have a martial arts background and you've since extended yourself to a career in both stunts as well as acting. What inspired you to get into film in the first place.
RMT: Martial arts is the foundation of everything I do, and it led me to acting. I wanted to be Superman, but since I can't, martial arts and becoming an actor were the next best things for me.
FCSyndicate: Tell us about your training regimen and what styles you train in.
RMT: I started training when I was five years old in a variety of styles including Kung Fu, Judo, Muay Thai, and Capoeira. I'm what you would call a martial arts geek, so I'm constantly learning new styles.
FCSyndicate: What are some of your favorite movies to date?
RMT: The Last Dragon, Blade, Blade II, and anything starring Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee.
FCSyndicate: Your latest acting credit now has you appearing in Edgar Wright's new movie, Baby Driver. Tell us about your role.
RMT: I play Armie. He's a crooked Atlanta cop who likes to sell illegal guns.
FCSyndicate: The film has been a big hit among moviegoers and some critics since screening at SXSW. Have you seen the film?
RMT: It's a great film. I actually saw it at the LA premiere this past June.
FCSyndicate: What was it like working with the cast at hand? Any fun or hilarious moments from the set?
RMT: The cast was great to work with. I got along with everybody. Jamie (Foxx) made the set fun, and relaxing. He actually wanted me to start listening to country western music, a lot. And I said "alright man. I'll do it if you want". I'm always open. 
And Ansel, he's a really good singer. I didn't know that. He promised me he would get me some of his music. I'm going to remind him next time I see him.
FCSyndicate: Would you like to work with Edgar Wright again?
RMT: Anytime. He's the coolest to talk to, to express things with. And he listens, and gives good advice. I learned a lot from him.
FCSyndicate: What can movie goers expect when they see Baby Driver in theaters?
RMT: It's a non-stop, crazy movie. The first six minutes alone are a rollercoaster.

FCSyndicate: What else can moviegoers look forward to from R. Marcos Taylor?
RMT: I play East-O in the new YouTube Red series, coming out this fall, called "Step Up: Highwater", which is based on the film series. There's a backstory between myself, Ne-Yo and Naya Rivera, and I have a son on the show, Rigo, played by Terrence Green. He's a great actor, dancer, and positive person. All around great dude.
FCSyndicate: last words for our readers?
RMT: You only live once. Go for what you want. Don’t let anybody change what you want.
Photo: Wes Klain


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