David McKenzie's OUTLAW KING Casts Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Actor and director, Chris Pine and David McKenzie of Hell Or High Water fame are reuniting for the new period war epic, Outlaw King, as part of a slate of upcoming Netflix titles as of earlier this year. As of Thursday, the two will be joined by actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (The Wall) who will play James Douglas to Pine's Robert The Bruce in service of William Wallace, the 13th century knight and Commander who led the Scottish to independence against the English.

per Mike Fleming Jr.'s report at Deadline:
Douglas is a storied figure in Scottish history, and from what I’m reading, it’s hard to imagine Robert the Bruce would have succeeded in beating back England King Edward I’s armies if he didn’t have Douglas as his right-hand man. The son of the first noble to support William Wallace when the figure memorialized in Braveheartfomented the first movement toward independence from the English, Douglas saw his father’s lands given away, and after being denied them by the English king, he joined Robert the Bruce as an outcast properly motivated to avenge his loss. Together, they learned guerrilla fighting tactics that led to years of surprise attacks, sacked castles and, finally, independence. 
Production is expected for August with Gillian Berrie, Steve Golin and Richard Brown producing.


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