TOKYO GHOUL: Kubota Masataka Is The Monster Mankind Needs In The Official Trailer

Currently the subject of a live-action adaptation, Ishida Sui's hit manga Tokyo Ghoul seems quite an ambitious push for fans knowlegeable of the source material. Clearly the production itself is promising something that moviegoers and fans alike will be keen on upon its July 29 open from Shochiku.

For this, the film's select cast and crew were host to a live online audience over the weekend to a raft of questions, as well as freshly added footage now available in an official trailer that streamed accordingly. The film also took to Cannes last month as well for buyers and so we may very well hear on some overseas distribution news soon.
In Tokyo, man-eating monsters called “ghouls” run rampant. The populace has become fearful of these creatures, who hide themselves among ordinary people, and remain shrouded in mystery. Kaneki (Masataka KUBOTA) is an ordinary university student. He frequents a coffee house called "Anteiku", where one day he meets a girl named Rize (Yu AOI). Little does he know that this encounter will drastically alter the course of his destiny... What does the future hold for Kaneki, who struggles to contain his curiosity regarding the existence of these bizarre entities, who take the lives of humans to ensure their own survival?
Catch the brand new trailer below and stay tuned for an official upload with clear audio and rendering.


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