THE HIT LIST: June 5, 2017

The past several days may have seen a slump of news. I admit, I kind of enjoyed it as I needed a bit of a breather. Best of all is I finally had a little time over the weekend to start watching Sense8 to see what the fuss is about and...

...I'll be sure to give my feedback in a future post if I catch the writing bug by then. For now though, it's time for this site to do what it does most prominently on Monday nights and with this week's installment of the Hit List. Staff boss and Canadian alpha Catwoman Michelle C. Smith fires things up with her latest reel followed by a raft of stunt and training reels from some of today's rising talents: Eugenia Guryleva, Caleb Spillyards, Anthony Javier, Jordan Davis, Tyson Arner, Meghan Whitfield (that makes two weeks in a row!), Dave Cutler, fellow FCSyndicate favorites Yadi Nieves and Irvin Nguyen, Into The Badlands familiars Nathan Barris and Morgan Benoit, and the latest reel by UK-based Movieworks Stunt & Fight Crew.

Currently this week is quiet on promotional material, so tentatively I'll be changing it up a little bit with some sweet parkour action in an ultimate test of endurance. This one comes courtesy of Calen Chan who recently took to the Skyladder course at Heaven's Gate alongside Tianman Mountain in China, racked with 999 steps jam-packed with momentum and adrenaline at the business end of a GoPro. In his mouth! He's the only person thusfar to achieve this effort and he's asking for fans and viewers for a share and we here are more than happy to oblige him. Cheers Calen!

Rounding out this week is a sick rack of test fight action beginning with David Lavallee Jr. opposite Matt Healy and Jose Pacheco, Mannie B.'s latest get together with performers Lovel Johnson Jr. and Charlit Daechalkhom, Meghan Koch's own throwdown with Hamamura Yoko and guest performer Jordan Thoma, some cool new POV test fight action by Filip Ciprian Florian, Luca Malacrino with an experimental action gem inspired by one of 2017's biggest hit movies (you'll know when Le Castle Vania comes on) and Yavuz Topuz and Kyle Potter getting work done with Bryan Sloyer behind the lens.

John Cihangir keeps the pace going with something quite storyesque and hilarious per his recent college graduation in Graduation Hustle, followed by a re-upload from Dardrex Productions featuring swordwielders Darren Holmquist, Martin Chan and John Rickard, Sean Kohnke's latest one-man army gangster tale, I'm Out Johnny (CLICK HERE to go behind the scenes and stay tuned for the sequel), Nicholas Ortiz's own inspired take on Nintendo Switch game, Mr. Shifty from Deviant Children Productions, and Joseph Roark's inspired thematic action drama short, Cain with John Tervanis.

That's about it for this week. Be sure to check out last week's entries and subscribe to the channels to show your support. Also, SHARE the Hit List with friends, and if you or someone you know has an equally amazing and impressive project that suits our niche and may be worthy of a spot in our weekly Hit List, hit us up at!


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