THE HIT LIST: June 12, 2017

Probably the best way I can sum up the gist of my weekend is that 76 years and current box office gross of more than $450 million dollars later, I would say that Patty Jenkins has earned her place at the helm of a Wonder Woman sequel and Warner Bros. would be wise to oblige.

On to other matters, however, it's a new week which means it's time for another installment of the Hit List. Kicking off the first playlist in this week's stunt reel category is Umar Khan now out with a compilation video in celebration of his recent 35th birthday. Rounding out the playlist are Leon Ngo, Beni Alexander, Aaron Hakala, Joon Poore, Barret Coates, Heather Lynn, Nikki Stanley, Veto Swarn, Troy Butler and Li Qiang, with coordinator and choreography reels by Jennifer Badger and Joseph Roark.

There's more fight stuff to come. For now though, we're switching it up a bit with the latest from a talented filmmaker and performing artist I've always enjoyed since I began following him in 2014. Jordan Cann, hailing from Virginia and currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, brings creative gumption to the forefront of his latest endeavor, DeTour, shot in a robust, energetic, colorful miniseries of four inspired visuals host collectively to an eight-minute medley of music, martial arts and dance.

Cann is joined by Kia Dawn and Taye Amegboh, and the aesthetic of Atlanta's varying backdrops and the musical sounds of Mario, Sean Paul, Tory Lanez, Matias Damasio, and Omarion.

Time to close the deal this week and with a raft of fight and shortfilm material beginning with new practice pieces from Eugenia Guryleva, Singapore-based JKHH Films, and the latest from Wildchild Gil Sanabria and Samuel Olmo in Survival Of The Fittest, followed by a trio oTekken-themed promotional videos featuring Cha-Lee Yoon, Phong Giang, Can Aydin and Dee Yoon for 20th Century Fox's theatrical German release of the new martial arts comedy, Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A.

Fledging fight training-for-film company Screen Combat Guys is up on the roster this week with Tony Chong opposite Ricky Barksdale and Stephon Reynolds, an ample bookmark to help promote their current crowdfunding initiative for a bigger, greatly-needed studio in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York City (You can learn more about the group at their GoFundMe campaign page for info on how you can help).

Stunt player Igor Tjumenzev picks up the pace with a stimulating MegaMan fight concept at Impulse Action Design, while Gun Cho and Tin Dang play at the most epic Jenga fight you'll ever see in your lifetime - courtesy of Art School Dropouts and their appreciation for Kung Fu Tea and Hector Soria brings Hong Kong action cinema and stunt stalwart, actor and martial artist Robert Samuels (Red Wolf, No Problem, Beast) to the frontlines in the action-packed cop shortfilm thriller, The Call.

Culimating the playlist is the first of two long-form shorts, and no less deserving of an obligatory reshare here for the Hit List with Dance Nocturnal's own Six Carolino currently raising funds to expand the potential serial universe following Garrett Atkinson's award-winning November 2016 short, Gauntlet Run: Origins. Per the Kickstarter, the money raised will be used to purchase new camera equipment, lights, and other technical necessities as well as fight weapons to be used in the new stunts for the ambitious new action comedy series. Click here to contribute and/or share accordingly.

Last and far from least is a video by an equally-inspired and fine group of people whose love and passion for dynamic stuntwork and Asian action cinema has apparently sent a few of them to the hospital in the wake of their latest shortfilm, Supreme Art Of War. The project debut last week on late Monday and I couldn't add it then, so I'm adding it here as a matter of utmost certainty for its rightful place in the Hit List.

See that play button? Yep...Move on over and hit it!

The Hit List is an almost neverending stream of action-packed content from around the web and that string goes on from last week and the weeks and strings before it. Click here to take a gander and immerse yourself in the raw talent before you, and share the Hit List with friends and family. 

The Hit List will be taking a break before returning on June 26, 2017, but don't fret! We will still accept entries, and so as always, if you or someone you know has a stunt reel that needs to be seen to believed or deals in a quality and upscaling caliber of action on film deemably worthy of a spot in our weekly Hit List, hit us up at!


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