The Action Reaches THE BRINK In Two New Trailers For The Max Zhang Thriller

Debut director Jonathan Li's upcoming action crime thriller, , is looking better and better since March. A new teaser as well as a brand new official trailer have arrived hailing the return of actor Max Zhang to the lens in one of several films coming down the pipeline.

The film centers on a reckless police inspector bent on bringing a major gold smuggling to its knees as infighting and greed breaks out between its ringleader and a triad boss. Also starring are Shawn Yue, Wu Yue, Gordan Lam, Janice Man and Kurata Yasuaki with both SPL 2's Paco Wong and Wilson Yip producing the film, thus amping up the film's intense marketability as a spectacular action thriller that martial arts fans will enjoy watching following its release this September.

Endulge below!


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