Sibling Rivalry Sets The Stage In Kevin Tsai's DIDI'S DREAMS

Kevin Tsai's career in film isn't really huge though it extends as far back as the early 90s having written the action-packed Jet Li hit, Fong Sai Yuk. That was an impressive find as I was looking him up amid the current promotion of his debut fantasy comedy, Didi's Dreams which has a current limited theatrical running in North America from Cheng Cheng Films.
A hilarious and tearful ode to the golden age of Taiwan variety entertainment, reputed TV host and best-selling author Kevin Tsai's directorial debut stars his longtime partner Dee Hsu (Little S) in the twelve-year running Kangsi Coming, widely regarded as the most influential TV show in the Chinese speaking world. Didi tries to prove herself a good actress in front of her superstar sister, while Chunmei the owner of a space station noodle shop mourns for her lost love. When these two distinct lives cross paths, where would fate take them?
Actress Hsu is joined by Lin Chi-Ling, Shijia Jin and Li Zifeng. Check out the most recent trailer and hit up the official website for updated theatrical listings.


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