RAKSHASA STREET: Watch The Trailer For The New Chinese Manhua Novel Adaptation Series

Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Of course, I don't live in China but I was compelled to share the latest trailer for upcoming live-action series drama, Rakshasa Street which premieres this August.

Jiro Wang and actress An Xueyi lead the cast of the show inspired by Xu Chen's 2010 U17 Manhua novel about a young college graduate looking for a job only to find herself swept into a world where humans and souls co-exist. Of course, I welcome anyone who can watch this series to discuss it with us on our Facebook page...I just think it's a fascinating find for novel and anime fans and the trailer here makes the live-action series take on it look so fun.

Check out the trailer and feel free to snobbishly school us Westerners on what we might be missing out on from Asia's television market.


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