PLAN B: SCHEISS AUF PLAN A, And A Friendly Reminder Why We Love Heidi Moneymaker

Consider this a friendly reminder that actress and stuntwoman Heidi Moneymaker is a proven screenfighting force to be reckoned with. The 2015 short, BEGM, and remarkably in John Wick: Chapter Two is a nice little sampler of this fact while her latest move in that progression now comes in an more fleshed-out role in the new movie, Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A which opens in theaters on June 8 from directors Ufuk Genc and Michael Popescu.

The film just had its local red carpet premiere this week with the cast and crew and frankly, with as much time as I've spent covering this film and supporting this fine group, I can't stress the importance enough that this film get a wider release beyond Germany either. I'm certain it will see some cinemas overseas but being a film housed at 20th Century Fox for a milestone theatrical outing for German cinema, I'm totally keen on seeing this movie theatrically myself and I'm certain I'm not alone in that regard.

At any rate, the essentials - plot specs and official trailer - can be found here in case you've been living under a rock. Just below is one of several BTS teaser snippets featuring Ms. Moneymaker in her killer element along with a red carpet featurette just beneath with actress Julia Dietze joined by Reel Deal Action's own Can Aydin, Cha Lee Yoon and Phong Giang, and dancer/actor Eugene Boateng; FYI: It's in German with no subs and I can't do anything about that. Enjoy nonetheless!


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