More Ghoul Action And Suspense In Two New Promos For TOKYO GHOUL

Hagiwara Kentaro's latest IP adaptation, Tokyo Ghoul, is still on deck for a Japan release on July 29. With its Anime Expo premiere pending it's worthwhile to consider the prospects of a U.S. release anyday now and one that would be even more so for fans of the hit manga and subsequent anime.

Actor Kubota Masataka leads the cast of the film which tells of an ordinary college student who befalls the ills of a near-death transformation to a half-human "ghoul", stumbling into a hidden world of other monsters where epic battles await. Rounding out the cast are Shimizu Fumika, Aoi Yu, Suzuki Nobuyuki and Oizumi Yo.

Check out the new minute-long and 30-second promo from Shochiku.


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