INVISIBLE GUARD: Lucida Boards Yuen Woo-Ping Martial Arts Thriller

Legendary martial arts maestro Yuen Woo Ping has a few projects well on the way, including a remake of Miracle Fighters currently titled The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia which is set to arrive this December. Not stopping short anytime soon, he is now reported to be handling another project in the form of Invisible Guard.

Variety's report on Monday also comes with the announced attachment of multifaceted film firm, Lucida Entertainment, whose founder, veteran producer and John Woo cohort Terence Chang launched the company year ago this week with a five-film syllabus; That package also includes the forthcoming Once A Thief redux, The Adventurers which Chang's own Mannix Pictures is producing as well.

Nothing's been divulged in terms of plot while the nature of the film, which Chang is executive producing, will be that of a live-action adaptation of a popular animated martial arts action series which has spanned two seasons, earning more than 6.6 billion views throughout China's major online video platforms. What is known of the show likely being referenced here is that it takes place at the end of the Tang Dynasty with rebels looking to overthrow the government whose secret group of criminals-turned-uniquely skilled warriors have since disbanded. In lieu of the proceeding tale lies that of a young orphan trained in martial arts into young adulthood, and the mystery of a presumed-lost treasure along with legendary sword that gives its wielder control of the world.

Lucida, whose Xin Yang serves as CEO, is also in the market for talent management having just signed Huang Jingyu (upcoming Guns And Kidneys and Operation Red Sea), Wang Chuanjun (The Wasted Times) and Godfrey Gao (The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones).
“Terence had constructed a comprehensive business model and professional production service system, which helped Lucida to handle projects from development through post-production. In the future, with many more resources including animation, gaming and new media, Lucida hopes to incorporate new strategies to its business model,” Xin said. “Lucida is on its way to creating a Chinese film production company with Hollywood standards.”
Production and casting details remain pending as well as general contextual updates on the film. Site reader Yi Liu Christina contributed to this report.


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