Indonesian Sci-Fi Action Thriller FOXTROT SIX Recruits Julie Estelle!

The confirmation of Indonesia action star Iko Uwais's addition to the summer production of sci-fi action thriller, Foxtrot Six, pretty much hits all the right notes for action fans paying attention at this point. Well, not to be outdone by its currently-listed cast here and further below, the film has since anted-up with the addition of actress Julie Estelle reportedly set to star.

Hailing from Rapid Eye Pictures and East-West Synergy, production will be set in the U.S. an Indonesia with a story centered on mankind's battle over the world's natural resources and food supply. Estelle and Uwais, who appeared together in both The Raid franchise as well as The Mo' Brothers' Headshot, will be joined by fellow Raid cohorts, actors Arifin Putra, Oka Antara and Verdy Solaeman with the expected involvement of action stalwarts Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman, and in addition to Mike Lewis of Dead Mine fame and Estelle's fellow Filosofi Kopi (2015) cast, Rio Dewanto and Chicco Jerico.

Cinematographer Randy Korompis will be making his directorial debut with noted Hollywood hit producer Mario Kassar producing alongside fellow The Raid franchise producer Ario Sagantorio. (H/T: Paradigma Pictures via Twitter)


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