[UPDATED] GINTAMA: Get A Kick Out Of The Second Official Trailer For The Live-Action Manga/Anime Adaptation

Being the galaxy's dumbest samurai and an odd jobs peddler isn't always either fun or easy. It does certainly help, however, if you have a legendary bearing and that of the principal role played by actor Oguri Shun has surely seen his share of battles per the mythology created in the longstanding popular manga and anime, Gintama.

Now brought to life for the big screen from Warner Bros. Japan, the film presents a timely iteration of the Benizakura Arc of the series which entails an epic battle between our hero, and a rogue killer consumed by a biomechanical sword in a story set in a time when feudal japan is colonized by aliens. Fukuda Ryuchi of Hentai Kamen fame directs from a script based on the work of Sorachi Hideaki, and a release date set for July 14 in Japan.

As the campaign has it, an official trailer finally arrived within the past week after an arduous wait. With a month left to go, expect things to go a bit more full throttle, signaled accordingly this week now with another trailer that brings even more zany hijinks and mannerisms from our beloved characters, including Suda Masaki as Shinpachi and Kanna Hashimoto as Kagura.

Check out the new trailer below (as well as a new 30-second promo) and click here for the first official trailer in case you need catching up or a replay.


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