David Newton's Hitman Action Adventure, AMBER, Needs Your Help

Recent weeks showed the unveiling of a proof-of-concept action trailer featuring stuntman Jack Jagodka. That proof of concept, Amber, is tentatively available in the player above while you are now welcome to bring your focus to the film's current production with the first round of filming nearing its end in London.

The film marks Jagodka's acting debut with fellow stunt player, acclaimed stunt performer David Newton whose credits of almost almost 80 films now bookend with Amber hailing his feature turn at the helm following his 2015 debut short, Wrath Of God. Jagodka leads the cast from a script by Newton who also produces with Eloise Carrow.
After an assignment goes wrong, hit man Jack accepts he must give up his life to protect his daughter Amber. Just moments before his fate, a government agent offers him a second chance providing he brings in company boss Eastwood. It becomes a race against time to kill or be killed.
Amber is currently primed as the second film to be backed by the Raindance Film Festival's Raw Talent initiative. In the course of all this, production achieved 70 percent of its funding and now needs to fill the remaining gap to produce prop weapons and quality editing to weave Amber together and bring forth a multi-language, wide-scale international action movie with all the trimmings.

Thus, this is where the fans come in to help lend a hand with a month left as of this write up for the film's IndieGoGo campaign. The page has all the details - ins and outs you need to learn more about the project and how you may help, and here to instill some motivation, at least three behind-the-scenes featurettes can now be viewed courtesy of the film's Facebook page - third of which you'll likely spot breakout UK actor and rising action star Jean-Paul Ly (Jailbreak), getting a few kicks in on set.


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