Chinese Fantasy Romance Epic, ONCE UPON A TIME, Slates An August 3D North American Release

Acclaimed cinematographer Xiaoding Zhao (House of Flying Daggers, The Great Wall, The Flower of War, The City of Golden Armor) and decorated VFX wizard Anthony LaMolinara (Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2) will both be making a feature directorial debut this year partnering for the new fantasy romance epic, Once Upon A Time. The film takes its cues from Tang Qi's popular novel, "Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms", which led to Gcoo Entertainment's TV series succession, Eternal Love.
ONCE UPON A TIME is a story of epic battles, deep passion, life-threatening evil, and the power of magic. Bai Qian, a goddess and monarch from the Heavenly Realms, is sent to the mortal world to undergo a trial to become a High Goddess. There, she meets Ye Hua with whom she falls in love and marries. However, when an old enemy reappears in her life, everything she holds dear becomes threatened. Spanning a thousand years of tangled lives, ONCE UPON A TIME is an epic tale of the powerful forces that drive mortals and gods alike toward revenge, loyalty, and love.
News as of Friday brings word of Well Go USA's acquisition of the film in a deal between Well Go USA and IM Global senior VP of Asian sales and acquisitions, Leslie Chen. Starring Yang Yang, Yikuan Yan, Jin Luo, and Chun Li for its forthcoming China release on August 4, Well Go USA will host its release of the film on August 11 in its original 3D format with Mandarin audio and dual subtitles in English and Chinese.

“Once Upon A Time is as beautifully written as it is visually breathtaking,” Doris Pfardrescher, president and CEO of Well Go USA Entertainment, said. “Fans have fallen in love with this story and now we couldn’t be more excited to take audiences to the next level by bringing it to the big screen.” 
ONCE UPON A TIME - Artwork + Character Banners


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