British Martial Arts Spy Comedy, THE REAL TARGET, Lands New Behind-The-Scenes Stills

EXCLUSIVE: Recent weeks have seen film trio David Cheung, Yolanda Lynes and Wing Chun instructor Master Wong working in collaboration with for a martial arts documentary in Vietnam. We'll have more on this in due time, while production continues on the forthcoming independent action comedy adventure, The Real Target, a David Cheung and Yolanda Lynes Production in association with K&K Productions.
In a world full of corruption, conspiracy and criminals, The Kung Fu Couple and their vigilante team target villains to save the planet from lethal weapons of mass destruction, starring international actors, martial artists and champion athletes. When a deadly man-made virus is created, they must fight to save the world and take down evil controllers of the global financial system.
The film is the latest advancement of an award-winning proof of concept shortfilm that aided last year's efforts launched at IndieGoGo, amply meeting its funding goals as of March. Currently there are a number of behind the scenes photos from the most recent leg of photography, several of which we have presented here to view in the album below, including two featuring U.S. actor Jeffrey Marshall (upcoming Super Troopers 2).

The Real Target joins Marshall with a sprawling cast led by Cheung and Lynes on-screen as the two star as well as are writing and producing. Co-directing with Cheung are Harry and George Kirby of K&K Productions with Henrik Nydqvist serving as executive producer, and action sequences directed by Cheung with Wong serving as fight choreographer.

Check out the pics below and follow the film's updates at via official webiste, social media and IndieGoGo page, and check back for more exclusives in due time.


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