ALLEY CAT: It's A Cat-Eat-Cat World In The Official Trailer For Sakaki Hideo's New Crime Drama

Tickets for 11th edition of New York City's Japan Cuts prorgram will go live on sale on Monday. This means a ten-day line-up of sundry film presentation spanning several genres with titles and names friendly to the avid festivalgoer and Asian cinephile, one such name being actor Sakaki Hideo whose filmmaking career continues to flourish.

Having garnered quite the attention with the latest Yakuza dramedy, Kiyamachi Daruma, Sakaki makes his return with his eighth offering, Alley Cat. The official trailer is out ahead of its World Premiere on Saturday, July 15, and judging by the footage with respect to stories about life-changing chance pet-ownership go, this one isn't afraid to dole out some punches to beef up the drama some.
A depressed ex-boxer (Yosuke Kubozuka) self-medicating for the injuries that ended his career finds a stray cat that brightens his day, but she is snatched up by a comical grungy mechanic (Kenji Furuya). Calling each other by the competing names they gave the cat, Maru and Lily, the odd pair is abruptly sucked into a political conspiracy with Saeko (Yui Ichikawa) and her son at the center. Witnessing another injustice in which the economic and social elite prey on the vulnerable, the two strays set off on the road to redemption, or at least peaceful cat ownership.
The film will also premiere in Japan on the same day, courtesy of ARK with Hiroshi Shinagawa and Erisa Yanagi also starring. Watch the official trailer now and click here for your tickets if you live in the area!


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