Wu Jing Reports For Duty In The New WOLF WARRIOR 2 Trailer

Action star and actor Wu Jing's Wolf Warrior was a box office hit in 2015. Going forward, it was anyone's guess what a sequel would entail until it was made clear early last year that a follow-up would come packaged with some major Hollywood muscle.

That element fashions itself accordingly in the wake of our first official full trailer for Wolf Warrior 2 with Wu front and centers as he faces off with more enemies in a fictitious war-torn African setting. Newly added are Wu's Legendary Assassin cohort Celina Jade, as well as Kingdom series star and Captain America 2 & 3 co-star, actor Frank Grillo, actors Han Geng and Gang Wu.

Rounding out the cast is, well... a montage of gun battles, explosions, close-ups, more tanks, even more tanks, slo-mo bullet animation, AC/DC, Wu Jing kicking ass and chewing out a few English words, intense stare-downs, hugging, and just a little bit of propaganda to bookend. This trailer, for the most part, sells it all in spades.

Check it out ahead of its July 28 release!


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