THE HIT LIST: May 22, 2017

Some great and surprising news came out of Cannes over the weekend and I've been busy like hell covering as much as I could. Those pieces are still up and so feel free to check those out, otherwise, you're more than welcome to enjoy yourself for this week's installment of The Hit List which, to say the least, finishes stronger than I even imagined.

We kick things off with a brand new playlist of stunt reels featuring some amazing work by Robert Bennett, David Russell Graham, Jazzy Ellis, Alex Del'Aquila, William Asbury, Maria Thomas, Brandon Alan Smith, Michael Carey, Gina Kessler, Benjamin Hinnant, Joseph Roark and Califf Guzman.

As far as promotiomal items go, there are a couple of bits and the first is a promo video by stuntman and fight choreographer Rustic B who has been hosting his own miniseries of film fighting tutorials for up-and-comers. He's stepping it up this month with the Fight Scene Challenge, and not without some promising perks for those who make the final cut, and you can check out what that entails in the following video before checking out the latest official trailer for Scottish action director Carter Ferguson forthcoming assassin shortfilm thriller, Dead End, starring Bryan Larkin of the upcoming Donnie Yen crime drama, Chasing The Dragon.

Winding down this week's Hit List, there's no YouTube entry just yet but it would be improper of me not to include music video director Danny Leysner's latest shortfilm debut, Cible, tackling numb vengeance with Geoffrey Thompson starring. You can read more on my coverage of the project here.

Capping it all off is a playlist with delightful action gems from the web beginning with a nifty little throwback from 2011 with LBP's own Shawn Bernal and Emmanuel Manzanares, followed by some test fight action scenery with Gaby Rodriguez and Christopher Jynx McClure, Tanay Genco Ulgen's latest with Ieisha Auyeung, Taylor Tai, Ken Do and Dimitri Tsoy, Scott Hung's own tactical thrills hailing from the ACT/Taipei group, Patrick Banzali leading an epic gym throwdown over at Art School Dropouts, Lawrence Yip's own debut lensing Ricky Barksdale and Stephon Reynolds at New York City-based Screen Combat Guys training and film production studio and a long-awaited experimental action short by Jawed El Berni and also featuring Ron Smoorenberg.

The big finale in the playlist is something I couldn't afford to misappropriate without sharing its dramatic poster above, and for this, it makes me all the more prouder to present Distinctive Light Entertainment and its in-house talents with the aptly-titled short, Self Defense. This one is  three-for-three in line of narrative situational shortfilm thrillers featuring actress and filmmaker Yadi Nieves, now exalting a much broader scope with greater threat levels as a woman fights to defend herself and her nephew in the wake of a string of neighborhood attacks on single females.

I've had my eye on Distinctive Light for a few years now and their group, including industry stuntman and filmmaker Felix King, have easily become one of my favorite groups. As much of a pleasure it was sharing my recent interview with Nieves, it's even more exciting to see these people give such enthralling performances. Talent really is where you find it and these people are among the collective of folks whose work I thoroughly enjoy, and therefore deserve to be found by anyone with eyes on action cinema and film in general.

That poster is farkin serious though, in'it?

Enjoy the hits in the players below!

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