The First Official Teaser For Korean Action Noir, REAL, Is Jam-Packed With Coolness

There's a certain air of signature style of film that I'm not going to wear out in mention here, but here's to hoping all goes to plan then for director Lee Jung-Sub's debut outing, Real. Should it pass muster then it would be an absolutely fine return to cinema for Secretly Greatly star Kim Soo-Hyun after four years away from the screen.

Exact plot details are nil for the film which otherwise has Lee's script telling of a big secret rooted from a major casino and its ambitious owner who also happens to be the criminal underworld's number-one trouble shooter. He then meets an ex-investigative journalist who signals a change in his life, and while we continue to ponder over whatever that means, it does eventually leave some sweet kick-ass fight action in between, stylish, and plush with color and edginess fitting for a Korean noir of this caliber so... it's a teaser, but it promises a hell of a lot and it has my appeal.

CJ Entertainment is opening the film in June. Check out the trailer below!


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