THE CLEANER AND THE DEADMAN Goes Ballistic In The First Trailer For Jess Bryden's Ultra-Low Budget Indie Action Thriller

There's a whole lot of somethin' happening here in writer/director Jess Bryden's debut feature, The Cleaner And The Deadman. The first extended official trailer for the Hawaii-produced indie action thriller arrived on Monday and you can take away from it what you will.

It's not a lot in terms of substance, but what it does sell is a crapton of action and spectacle; explosive gun battles and fight scenery, the usual doses of CG and green-screen tomfoolery, and Netflix series Daredevil's Elektra stunt double and actress Lauren Mary Kim laying waste from start to finish.
Two contract killers are hired by competing cartels to hunt down an elusive drug scientist in London. After failing to intercept the scientist as he is smuggled across the Pacific, the two hit men find themselves on the run and fighting for their own survival, in what can be described as "one of the most insane action-packed finales in independent cinema history".
There's no mention of release yet as you might expect post-production is still pending. In the meantime, relax your brain and check out the trailer below!


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