T-34: Tanks...Tanks Everywhere In The First Trailer For Alexey Sidorov's WWII Epic

Emboldened by a string of five films, director/producer duo Alexey Sidorov and Ruben Dishdishyan are well on the way with the new war epic, T-34 which had its day at Cannes in the past week. Russian film agency Rosinko presented footage from the film ahead of its 2018 release and we now have a trailer to hint at what's being promised here: A one-man tank war against a squad of Nazi tanks. Things go boom no matter what the odds are.
The year 1941. Young cadet Ivushkin, who’d just graduated, has to fight an uphill battle against Nazi tank ace Jager. Only few believe he’s got a chance: fighting alone against a dozen of German machines. Yet, luck favors the bold. 
Their second meeting might have never happened, but the fate at wartime is really into surprises - it grants each one his own. One gets true love who will help him overcome all the obstacles. The other one gets an obsession that drives him forward, burning down from the inside.  
1944, Ohrdruf tank training ground. Captive Ivushkin conceives a daring escape. On the legendary «T-34» he challenges Jager, Nazi «Panthers» and his own fate.
The film hails from Mars Media and Amedia Production and stars Alexander Petrov, Viktor Dobronravov and Irina Starshenbaum. Check out the trailer below!


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