Sono Sion's TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL Checks In With A New Action Packed Trailer

Director Sono Sion's new nine part action horror series, Tokyo Vampire Hotel is gearing up for a June 16 premiere exclusively in Japan via Amazon Prime. Alas, there's nothing being stirred of a release anywhere else beyond that point and hopefully it will be strictly a matter of time soon, but at least the trailers are visble online to tease us poor Westerners. Ha!

The series follows Sono's protégé, actress Tomite Ami in the role of Manami, a young woman targeted amid Earth's takeover of the evil Corvin vampire tribe on the eve of her 22nd birthday. Upon her rescue by a mysterious and extraordinary heroine named K (Kaho) and with mankind's destruction looming, the epic story continues with a ragtag grouping of young men and women, some on a dating retreat, now trapped inside the lush Hotel Requiem whose eerie management promise safe haven from outside as long as their newfound prisoners continue to procreate more humans to feed off of.

Actor Mitsushima Shinnosuke and actresses Adachi Yumi and Kagurazaka Megumi round out the cast along with an air of action-packed anarchy that now consumes the new trailer now below.


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