SIN CITY Is Heading To The Small Screen

Taking their cues from Frank Miller's 1991 neo-noir graphic novels, at least two live action adaptations of Sin City arose and while the first was a hit in 2005, its 2014 sequel, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, fared way, way less.

Fast forward three years later and now it appears there's something to salvage in a serial reboot from TWC/Dimension now in development according to Deadline. Len Wiseman, know prolifically for either directing, writing and/or producing the Underworld film saga, will helm the series with new writing by Glen Mazzara (The Shield, The Walking Dead, Damien) that will focus more on the source material with original characters and timelines.

Stephen L'Heureux who produced Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will oversee the series as well as produce with Miller, Mazzara and Wiseman and TWC/Dimension's own Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

To be frank, really, I've only ever seen the sequel - I never got around to the first film but there's no need to remind me to see it since the buzz is obviously good. I suppose the real question is if whether or not the show has the potential now being hyped about this week.
Feel free to comment further below on the matter in case you've read the novels or otherwise feel either way on the matter about the series.


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